Monday, 28 November 2011

Piles of Puke!

Don't you just love it when you're in a hurry to go somewhere and your lovely doggy suddenly vomits all over the place!!  Poor girly - out it all came! 3 nice piles! (which nearly became 4, due to my gagging!)  Was the shit-sick variety - rapidly stinking out the house, so even though freezing cold outside, had to open up the doors and scrub it all up quick!!  Now to steam clean the area!  Baby girl kept her lunchtime snacks down, which is more than can be said for me, everytime I remember the smell!! :))  

Monday, 21 November 2011

Kitten Crazy!

Aaawwww - last week we babysat 4 beautiful kittens, rescued from a horrid woman who wanted rid of them.  Now all homed to good loving homes.  Albeit a short time with them - three nights - I miss them sooo much!  My dogs didn't get a look in as I was up to my elbows in soiled cat litter, kitten food and just watching the 4 cheeky little monkeys rampage around our spare room!  House is sooo quiet now but dogs have me all to themselves again!!  Would have had to re-name my blog cat litter and kitten-poo or something like that!!  Oh good luck little ones.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Zombie Dog Trainer!

Why do I always do it?!  Fall asleep on the settee during one of the soaps or Autumnwatch!!  Not because I'm bored, but 8.30-9pm seems to be my sleepy-time!  In the land of nod for a couple of hours and then can't sleep when I eventually do go up to bed!!  Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed I may be right now at 3.30am, but that won't be the case when I take a class in just a few hours!!  Lots of coffee to try and ward off the zombie-look will be the order of the day!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Don't Panic Girl!

It's offical - I'm losing my marbles!  Whilst cooking dinner tonight, I had a sudden panic that I should be teaching my puppy class!!  But duhh!! It was week 4 last week, I have no class tonight!! - I start my next course next week!!  What a horrible feeling that I should be somewhere, but was instead cooking dinner and drinking red wine at the same time, so even if I should have been there, I was no longer able to drive!  Panic over, once I convinced myself when viewing the diary, that today is the 14th not the 21st!!  Turning 40 is certainly proving to have implications on my once sharp memory!! :))  What's my name again!??