Zoflora Bluebell Woods - (reviewed 22 May 2012)

Today I tried and tested the brand new limited edition fragrance, Zoflora Bluebell Woods.  Firstly the beautiful shade of blue and woodland picture of a 'carpet' of bluebells on the packaging was already uplifting!  This concentrated disinfectant brought a lovely fragrance to my kitchen without being at all overpowering.  The kitchen sink plughole is now fresh again and despite having cooked and cleaned up, I can still detect the scent in the kitchen from my earlier cleaning stint!  It was reassuring to know that the 99.9% of any nasty bacteria or viruses that could be lingering on the worktops, have been literally wiped out!  I really like this product and would recommend it for the freshness it brings.  With the sun shining outside and the beautiful lingering wafts of floral woodland notes, it seems Summer has finally arrived at long last!!  Thanks Zoflora and Happy 90th Birthday!!
(I received no payment for this review, other than being able to keep and use the sample I was sent)

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