Saturday, 31 December 2011

My New Welly Friend!

Well it's official!  I've converted 'him indoors' to wearing wellies!  All it took was me buying him a pair of plain green basic wellies for Christmas, together with a comfy pair of welly socks and hey presto! the man's a fan!!  Despite previous protestations of how he didn't need any and he was fine walking the dogs in his biker boots, just one trial of his new footwear has got him hooked!  'They're more comfy than I thought,' he said, beaming after returning from a particularly wet and muddy walk!  No more sliding about in the mud, getting the bottom of his jeans plastered and  no more me, nagging him to check the bottom of his boots for dog-poo before walking through the kitchen to wash them off in the back garden!  Hooray!!  Before you think we're about to become a sad couple who wear matching items of clothing, do not fear - the new wellies I got for Christmas have pictures of little dogs on them!

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