Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dressed to Impress??

Or just plain daft?   On seeing a young girl teetering along in high heels and barely any covering to her legs apart from a thin pair of tights in this cold icy weather, I must be getting older, as these days I find myself saying the things my elders used to say when I was a child! - 'She must be cold, you'd think she'd wear a coat,' or 'She'd rather look fashionable than wrap up warm!' or 'That's not a skirt, that's a belt!' etc.
But it was when walking my dogs the other day when the temperature was barely above freezing, that I had to roll my eyes in disbelief!  A lady who regularly walks her dogs where I do, was coming along hunched up against the cold and on seeing me, proceeded to complain how cold it was - I said to her that wearing a hat would help enormously to keep warm, but she replied that she looked stupid in a hat!  Honestly, when it's so cold who cares?  I rather be warm wouldn't you?! 
Then what annoyed me the most, seeing as she'd only just come out of her house with her dogs, she said it was too cold for her she was going back home - so the dogs were denied a walk because she wasn't suitably dressed!  Now I know there's not a specific uniform for dogwalking (apart from compulsory wellies for me! - if you read my first ever posts, you'll understand why!) but walking the dogs in freezing icy conditions in a field that takes on the feel of Siberia, whilst wearing silly little shoes, a skirt, no hat or gloves and a thin little jacket best suited for a shopping trip, is just ridiculous!  Don't bloody moan then that you're cold - go and get changed into something warmer and bloody well give those dogs a decent walk!!  Now there's snow on the ground today it's going to be interesting to see who braves it out and whether they forfeit fashion sense for warmth!!

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