Sunday, 5 February 2012

Child at Heart!

Think my lovely other half is inadvertently letting his inner child show!  At Christmas he was the one who kept asking when we would put up the tree and decorations and yesterday - a Sunday!- he was up extra early to see the snow that had been falling in the night!!  What's happened to him?  Now into his forties, he's getting excited about things he used to say were 'silly' (or maybe he was just pretending back then and secretly was bursting with excitement whenever I said we need to get the Christmas decorations up!)  It used to be 'bah humbug!', moan, moan, moan etc. and used to just get the tree out of the loft, assemble it, put the lights on it (something I just cannot do for lack of patience and artistic eye) and then say I could do the rest!  So I used to transform the house into Christmasland and he'd say 'you're not all there!', but had a little grin on his face nevertheless when seeing the end result!  Well the past couple of Christmases he has wanted to put the decorations on the tree, put the other christmassy things around the house and was even looking forward to spending some Christmas time with me!  For the first time in 18 years we had Christmas dinner together! What?  Well better that way round, than to get grumpier as he gets older - perhaps this year he might offer to go and do the shopping for me!! :))

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