Tuesday, 3 July 2012

If You Go Down to the Woods Today....

You may or may not get a big surprise!  Is that how the rhyme goes?!  Oh gosh taking note of my previous post about the car, I really am having nursery rhymes in my mind already!!  Well - note to self - don't go down to the woods for a late evening walk with the dogs if you're of a nervous disposition!!  It wasn't memories of the 'Blair Witch' film or spooky ghosties this time, it was the fear of meeting the Bogeyman or some real-life unsavoury character!  A couple of times during daytime walks I have noticed one or two lone chaps lurking about and have nevertheless avoided crossing their path on these occasions - so trying to be rational about why this should be unnerving, went along the lines of - he's probably stopped for a breather, or to light a cigarette, to then imagining that maybe something more sinister was the reason for their loitering in the woods.  Waiting to do a drugs deal, or commit an assault of some sort??  Who knows??  What possessed me to go through the woods I have no idea that evening, but I just kept on walking despite being a bit apprehensive to start with.  By the time I was too far in to turn back, I was positively wracked with fear!  I could actually hear male voices around and with the fading light started to hurry the three of us along - when near the road, I got the biggest fright of my life as a passing car's headlights shone through and momentarily lit up a great big bulky object just up ahead!  What I thought it was, is anyone's guess, but I quickly recovered from nearly jumping ten foot in the air, when I realised it was just a huge rotten piece of tree trunk that was lying nearby! :))  We thankfully made it home in one piece, dogs blissfully unaware of the terror I had experienced due to my imagination running wild that night.  They had a drink of water and me.....a stiff alcoholic drink!  Too right!!

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