Monday, 2 July 2012

New Car - Dogmobile or Babymobile??!!

Well I've had to change my car.  Poor old Octavia the Skoda will move on to pastures new!  In its place I have just acquired a tatty Focus Zetec C-Max.  Nothing flash - that's not my style - just cheaper to tax and to run - now, that's my style!  However this new car has made me feel funny things! I took it on a test drive and felt all mumsy all of a sudden!!  Although a small car, it does have the feel of a people carrier as the seats are quite high and so I feel all high up!!  (Or maybe I need to re-adjust the driver's seat!)  On the test drive, it had the previous owner's child-seat in the back (not the child though!) and it did feel rather strange driving around with this in the back - I felt a bit like a mummy!!  Even though the car will be transporting work equipment and my dogs, it feels like it's in the wrong role and should have children in there instead!  How weird!  I don't feel broody as such, but just like there should be a child in the back and not dogs!!  (by the way I am not wishing that there were children instead of my gorgeous dogs - it's merely an observation!) Hmmm!  After the dogs have been in there a few times it should take on more of a dogwagon feel! - and as long as I don't start singing nursery rhymes, I think it should pass!!  Think it was the child-seat, discarded Fruit Shoot bottles and crisp remnants that threw me - soon it will be dog-hair, mud and smeared dog-snot on the windows to correct this picture!! :))

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