Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunday Morning Snuggles

As a special treat some Sunday mornings, I allow the dogs upstairs to come and snuggle on the bed with us.  I have no problems with dogs sleeping on their owner's bed, but my dogs are quite big and take up a lot of room - one prefers lying across the pillows - and with one great snoring lump in the bed already in the form of 'im indoors, I have to draw the line somewhere!  Besides, whilst we only have the one bed, my two doggies have about five dog beds to choose from, as well as the settee so they are hardly deprived!  Anyhow on these special mornings (usually the day when I plan to change the bedclothes!) they are welcome up!  The closeness of all us cuddled up together and hearing their contented little snores whilst snoozing after their breakfast, are one of the best things in the world!  Yesterday however, with the clock change, they really took advantage of it and wouldn't get up for their walk! It was me champing at the bit to go out to enjoy the lovely Spring morning sunshine!  Think they were making the most of a good thing - especially as Sunday morning snuggles on this occasion had turned out to be Saturday evening snuggles as Mummy went to bed early for once and had allowed them upstairs to keep me company....... and they had stayed there all night!

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