Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Uses of Empty Pot Noodle Pots!

Now I'm not a regular consumer of the good old Pot Noodle, but sometimes they do satisfy a big hunger when you need something hot and filling inside you on a cold wintry day and you're in a hurry! Oooerr missus!!  Within minutes of adding the boiling water to the dried up contents of the pot, hey presto!......a hearty, filling snack to stave off the effects of lowered blood sugar after hours of not eating anything since breakfast and provide enough energy to survive walking the dogs in the horrible weather.  I have found though, that instead of throwing the empty container into the bin, they serve many useful purposes:  filling with water and soaking the dogs' Kong toys, so the remnants of what food was stuffed inside, will clean off easier.  They can also be used to hold the Kong toy in place whilst stuffing it with tasty food treats for doggy to enjoy, or to enable dry kibble to soak inside with warm water to make a yummy mash for a doggy tongue to extract!  They can also be used to hide food treats under and your clever doggy has to work out how to get the treat out from underneath - pushing with his nose, paw or simply lifting it up in his mouth and tossing the pot aside!  Who knew how versatile the Pot Noodle pot could be?  So next time I am frowned upon for buying 'junk food', it's for the purposes of 'dog things', not because I can't be bothered to cook a proper meal!! :))

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