Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Poochy Pamper Day!

Yes the pooches had a lovely day of being pampered!  Instead of doing the housework, I decided my dogs' personal hygiene was more important!  They had their ears cleaned out - no more potatoes growing in there!  Teethies cleaned!!  Toenails clipped!!  Pretty little girls!!  Before anyone thinks otherwise - my dogs are real 'doggy' dogs - they don't suffer being dressed up in clothes or bling-bling!  They roll in fox-poo and eat revolting things they find on their walks.  They lick their bums and eat their own sick straight after!  ...and the things I've had to clear up in my time!  Long gone is my phobia of sick and poo - (but only when it concerns my own!! I still wear wellies all year round - see my first posts for this to make sense! - it's true what they say about you only being able to cope with your own baby's mess and not that of others!)  They get a bath from year to year using baby shampoo, but on the whole, don't smell of horrible dog-smell.  Their dogginess shines through and what may horrify the average non-dog-owner, I find completely normal 'cos they are dogs at the end of the day!  I spare a thought for all those little handbag dogs who are denied the enjoyment of being a dog - just makes me chuckle to imagine them farting and licking their bums and sticking two fingers up at their owners when they leave the room at the indignity of being polished and preened and dressed up in a ballerina tutu or whatever costume their owners impose on them!!    

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