Monday, 14 May 2012

Drunken / Thoughtless Litterbug Morons!

Sorry but a rant is nigh!!  Who in their right mind smashes a beer bottle into the grass in a public park, where children and dogs run about?!!  I've lost count of the number of times I've had to stop and pick up pieces of glass bottle, to prevent some poor innocent child or dog from becoming terribly injured from the debris left by some selfish idiot!  While I'm at it, why do people think it's acceptable to leave behind all their drinks bottles and food rubbish after watching a football match on the playing fields?  The pitch is literally marked out by a rectangle-shape trail of litter, post-match - just who do these people think is going to pick up after them?  And leaving chicken bones in the fast food rubbish is very dangerous for dogs that naturally go scavenging through the rubbish left behind after some moron's feast!  Aargh!!!  Well here's a thought - I wonder what their houses are like if they are that averse to picking up their rubbish - yuk!!  Lazy so and so's!!  (hey that's mild for me!!) :o))

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