Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bluebells, Boots and BBQ Weather!!

So the sunshine has finally arrived at long last!  If this keeps up, the BBQ will have to put in an appearance pretty soon!  This sudden change to warm weather and blue skies, spurred me on to do a spot of spring cleaning today (at long last!) so I decided to spruce up my kitchen with my sample of Zoflora Bluebell Woods Disinfectant - (please see Reviews page, for my review on this lovely product).  After transforming my kitchen into a gleaming, freshly-scented paradise, I felt compelled to go via the woods, when walking the dogs, to further enjoy the real 'carpet' of bluebells that stretch as far as the eye can see!  So despite the scorching sunshine, I donned my wellies as usual - yes, yes! - bluebells there may be in those woods, but there's also dog-poo lurking in the growing greenery on the woodland floor!  If you've read my earlier posts, you'll know about my dog-poo phobia!  Perish the thought of treading in any 'nasty' stuff and ruining my good mood - however I saw one of my dogs accidentally step in a pile whilst foraging about - aargghh! - don't worry though, I'm not about to get welly boots for my dogs to wear too, they just have to wipe their feet on the grass and job's done! 

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