Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Dog Frump!

Having dogs hasn't changed me THAT much - apart from the fact that I mostly wear wellies and clothes that don't matter if they get a bit muddy.  I go out in all weathers but  I do however, make sure I look as presentable as I can - so I do brush my hair and put on some makeup, even to walk the dogs - yes I do!! - I can't go turning into a dog frump now can I!!  I was reminded of the perils of having my life taken over by dogs, both for work and pleasure, when still in my old office job, I decided to buy some new clothes!  (something I used to enjoy doing on a regular basis!)  Whilst modelling my new purchases for 'him indoors', I got to the skirt I had fallen in love with in the shop - it was about just before the knee in length - "Well", said 'him indoors' exclaiming rather disappointedly that it was a bit too long, "why didn't you get a shorter one!?" I promptly replied that being as I was in my mid thirties, ok so it's not quite the age to be wearing tweed knee-length skirts but also not exactly appropriate an age to have the hemline so high that it leaves little to the imagination! 
To this he retorted, "you're becoming such a dog-frump!" - he was however joking, but to this day despite my year-round welly-wearing, I do try to make sure I don't become that stereotypical dog-trainer type!  In fact 'him indoors' even bought me a funky red pair of  wellies last Christmas, so there's no chance of that now is there!!? 

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