Sunday, 18 September 2011

If You've Got 8 Legs, You Ain't Coming In!

I wish that were true, but those pesky creatures just sneak in when I'm not looking!  Yes it's dreaded SPIDER!! season  and they're just coming into the house in droves - like gatecrashers to a party!  How dare they just come in uninvited?!  What do they want here?!  So often, for the past few weeks they run across the floor or climb up the curtains, causing chaos actually, because I usually scream, jump about and if 'him indoors' won't help me or if he's asleep, I have to tackle the fearsome spiders myself, but only with the aid of the bug-catcher - a brilliant contraption that has helped me move many a spider on to 'pastures new'.  I'm sure they are getting bigger - Friday night's intruder was so big, I didn't think it would fit in said bug-catcher.  This creature that wasn't far off the size of a tarantula, managed to fold itself in eventually and was swiftly moved into the garage, where I deposit all eight-legged visitors -  the down-side of that being that very soon, the garage will be a no-go-area for me as there will be too many spiders in there!  I didn't know spiders went on the rampage at night - are they nocturnal?  They have certainly caused domestic strife as one particular night 'him indoors' was already asleep in bed and I just couldn't bring myself to go near the spider of that night, even with the bug-catcher!  So frozen in fear and fixated on said spider, I called out softly to 'him indoors' a couple of times to "PLEASE!!! help, there's a MASSIVE spider down here!" (my poor dogs meanwhile, were looking very disconcerted at my strange behaviour and body language!) - well, from the tirade of anger emanating from the bedroom at having been woken up for that, it was obvious I was going to have to brave it alone!  But I failed and the spider escaped, to my horror, which meant it was lurking about somewhere in the house - but where!!!???  You guessed it - after that I was on 'high-alert', watching out for said spider until I caught one a few days later which looked like it(!!) and hoped that would be it, but oh no, they keep on coming, sitting on the hand towel waiting to run up my arm when I dry my hands, or creep slowly down the wall behind where I'm sitting on the sofa trying to ambush me!  It was one of my dogs that saved me from that one, as she was looking very intently in my direction, cocking her head to the side every now and then, until curiosity got the better of me when I realised it wasn't me she was focussing on and I turned around to be met with something the size of a saucer making it's way towards my head!  One thing I should be glad of - at least they can't fly!  but wait..........oh no!! it's Daddy-Long Legs season too!!! aarrghhh!!    

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