Thursday, 22 September 2011

Take My Food, Feel My Fork!!

After watching a so-called 'dog behaviour expert' on prime-time TV last week, I feel I have to let off steam!  I tried to let it pass, like water off a duck's back, but the subject is so 'charged', that I'm afraid I have to rant!  The dog on the TV was resource guarding - food bowl and owner's bed - using extreme aggression and the 'expert' in question was called in to provide behavioural help.  For a start, this 'expert' had NO qualifications - so who would employ the services of a psychologist or doctor, who had no qualifications and just did their job based on watching a few other people??!!  The TV channel in question often screens programmes about cowboy builders and other cowboy trades people - they have inadvertently promoted a cowboy behaviourist, as the methods he used were extremely dangerous, he demonstrated a lack of understanding of canine psychology and body language and put not only himself, but anyone who mimics his approach, at a high risk of getting very badly bitten by their dog - there was not even a sniff of a Disclaimer at the time this went out on air.  How dare the TV channel and this 'expert' de-value and undermine the good trainers and behaviour specialists who have studied hard to attain the relevant qualifications to practise behaviour work!  Why had the TV channel not consulted one of the many good behaviour and training associations, whose members are appropriately qualified and trained and who do NOT employ the ridiculous methods shown on that TV slot - the stress the little dog was under was hideous to watch, let alone the idiotic behaviour of the 'expert', who I wonder if he would employ a similar method with a much bigger breed of dog who really meant business?!  The actions of this dog were not surprising - we were shown outrageous behaviour from the owners who would kick the dog's bowl out from underneath her whilst she was trying to eat - what is this obsession people have, with having to take the food away from the dog??  Just what are you trying to prove??  People who do this, create their own monster.  If you were eating in a restaurant and the waiter constantly hovered around and kept trying to take your plate before you'd finished, wouldn't you get cross?  If they forcibly tried to take it away, wouldn't you then escalate your displeasure?  Perhaps the waiter would get a fork plunged in his hand by someone who totally disinhibits at this point!?  Are you at this point trying to get a higher status over the waiter?  No, you just don't want him to take your plate!! DUHHH!!  Why can people not understand that this dog was NOT trying to gain some sort of status, but was acting as a direct result of its owners actions??!!  Thankfully there have been hundreds of complaints against this 'expert' - hope HE slinks off somewhere with his tail between his legs!  I shall calm myself down enough for now, but then more fool me, I'm curious to watch the next instalment.  Be prepared - I may return with another rant!

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