Friday, 16 September 2011

Domestic Dangers of Discarded Dog Items!

Previously I have talked about the dog-poo minefield that I encounter on a daily basis when out with my dogs.  Now to the minefield at home!  I'm sure many parents of human children have experienced that near-death episode of the toys left on the stairs, just waiting to be tripped on, or the Lego pieces embedded in the soles of their bare feet!  Well just because my house is child-free doesn't make it any less perilous!  Anyone ever trodden on a fairly well-chewed Nylabone?  ****!! does that hurt!!  Ever trodden on a discarded ball or a Kong and nearly done the splits as a result!?  What about getting your foot caught up in the dog blanket left in a heap where it fell, as the dog jumped out of bed and trailed it across the living room?  (I suppose if one of us ever gets taken to casualty, the story behind our injury might make it quite interesting for the nurses!)  Have you ever skidded barefoot through dog-sick on the kitchen floor?  Or stepped (accidentally) on the odd paw or tail as the dog quite literally gets under your feet!?  I don't know about the world out there being a dangerous place - it's at home where I'm in mortal danger it would seem! 

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