Monday, 12 September 2011

Wellies aren't just for Winter!

That's right!  If you have a dog-poo phobia like me and go into complete meltdown if you tread in some, then I'd recommend wearing wellingtons all year round to walk your dogs!  I always clean up after my dogs - what I cannot stand is the fact that some people do not.  Sometimes it's like a minefield out there!  So walking the dogs in summery shoes, trainers or worse still, flip-flops!! in hot and sunny conditions is absolutely out of the question for me!  If I trod in any, the shoes would just be automatically binned and I would be left traumatised for days (not by the loss of my shoes, but by the poo of a dog on my foot!)  So wellies are my choice of footwear even when it's scorching out there!  The other dog walkers have got used to seeing me in a summery dress or skirt, with wellies to boot!!  Some often remark that they can't understand how I can don such heavy footwear on such a hot day - when I explain I fear treading in dog-poo, their answer is usually a question, as to why I can't look where I'm going!  Well I do! But there's always a pile just sitting there waiting to be trodden on by me!  I rest my case, as recently on one of the last few hot days we've had before the wind and rain has taken over (I love the rain by the way as I can just clean any poo straight off my boots in wet grass or a puddle!), a friend of mine had a nasty experience in her flip-flops whilst dogwalking!  I'm so glad I don't bow to the pressure of seeing everyone else in normal shoes walking the fields and woods to then ditch my wellies!!  I'm proud to stand out from the crowd! (in my wellies!)  My steadfast quasi-neurotic fear of dog-poo has saved me from many ruined shoes and the trauma that would ensue and has kept the wellington boots industry going, I'm sure of it!

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