Monday, 30 January 2012

Dizzy Days!!

What's wrong with me today!??  Is it the cold getting to my brain, or lack of sleep due to a darling doggy waking me, wanting to go out to the toilet at 3.40am and then not being able to get back to sleep!? Or is it my age!!?  For a split second this morning I thought I had forgotten my PIN number when paying for diesel for my car!!  Thankfully it came back to me but what if I get another 'senior moment'? Should I write it down and keep it about my person?!  What a disaster if I had got to the checkout and loaded up a huge load of shopping in the supermarket and then forget the PIN number!?  Then just now I nearly put a bottle of red wine in the fridge!!  Aaargh!!  Disaster!  I've already done that last year and opened up a bottle eagerly anticipating the refreshing cold taste of a glass of white wine after a hectic day, only to see COLD red wine flowing into the glass - tasted disgusting by the way - so impatient was I to wait for it to reach room temperature I glugged it down!!  With the weather about to turn colder and another day older too, I can only expect more 'dizzy dolly' moments!! 

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  1. Hi Suze
    We must have some weird connection-not only do we have the same grey hair issues we also have the same PIN issues. Mine got so bad it came to the point where I just walked into the branch and ordered another PIN!!! I'm really not that ancient! I blamed it on 'baby brain'. Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. I've enjoyed reading your back-posts.