Monday, 9 January 2012

My Blog's Gorn Public!

Thanks Netmums for having me on your Bloggers Network, as of today!  Scary biscuits!  People might read what I blog! - but then, duh!!! that was the general idea!!  I feel like a new Mum - so proud to bring forth my creation to the world!!  ("Oh get over yourself, Suzanne," I hear you say - "it's a blog, not a baby!!")   Nevertheless, I will help my little 'blogchild' entertain you and hope you enjoy watching 'it' grow.  For now, bedtime is calling - oh but damn, so is that pile of washing up in the sink!


  1. It's a scary moment indeed but lovely to see people start to read your blog.

    Good luck on your blogging journey!

    1. Don't know if you got my reply, but thank you for your words of encouragement Rebecca and love your blog! It's great fun blogging - I'm getting quite hooked on it!

  2. It certainly is lovely to have my first reader!! Thanks so much for your post and your good luck wishes! I shall have a read of yours now - thanks again!!