Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Doggy Popcorn Episode!

Had a complete panic yesterday!  Jess, one of my gorgeous dogs, decided to eat a load of the 'wotsit' polystyrene-type 'nuggets' used for packaging in boxes!  Empty box in the porch, left there for putting out with the recycling, 'nuggets' still inside.  She'd investigated the box earlier and decided it wasn't of interest but the moment I go outside to put something in the dustbin, I return to find her munching a mystery something which I immediately realise what, when she then dived over to the box and grabbed a mouthful of the 'nuggets'!  Shit!  Couldn't believe she'd done that and that if only I'd disposed of the 'nuggets' earlier!  So panic-stricken that they would expand inside her, or poison her, I called the vet to be told that they'd probably dissolve but if any problems to bring her straight down.  Thankfully little monkey is OK and those 'nuggets' I'm told, are made from corn starch, so really she'd eaten something like popcorn!  They didn't even swell when I put a couple into a cup of water and did crush down to nothing when I squished one in my hand!  Phew!!  Next time I go to the cinema I'll check carefully what they've covered in salt or sugar, in case they've decided to sell me 'packaging nuggets' instead of the real thing!  At least they'd be quieter to eat though!!!

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