Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Flying Dog Poo!!

Anyone in the UK today knows how windy it is!  It was like Armageddon this morning - squalling winds and lashing rain - floods everywhere - if these are just gales, as described on the weather report, imagine what hurricanes and typhoons must be like!  Nearly had a mishap picking up the dog poo this morning!  'Him indoors' bends down in the lashing wind this morning, poo bag in hands, stands up straight on successfully scooping the poop, only to have the bag literally ripped out of his hands!!  Contents of poo bag fly out into the air, whilst empty bag whizzes airborne away and across the field!!  Good job I started to laugh just a split second later and not before, else I'd have been hit in the face!!  Talk about getting egg on your face! Shit happens!  Haha!!

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