Sunday, 1 January 2012

Self-Employed versus Working for the Man!!

Well 10 years ago I had a full-time job and a steady salary every month - these days I'm at the mercy of good ol' supply and demand!  It has taken quite some time to re-adjust to the change in work culture when switching to self-employment.  For instance, not being able to take for granted that there's X-amount of money coming in each month - instead you just hope for a busy month!  Difficult, given these economic climes!  If you're sick you don't get paid, likewise, days off don't come into the question - for the same reason!  However what I do like - is being my own boss, planning the days when I take bookings for dog-work and now more recently, Phoenix work.  I enjoy working from home and preparing my Phoenix brochures, researching events and contacting organisers.  Receiving Phoenix stock and preparing customer orders for delivery.  Report writing for dog behaviour work and preparing for classes!  Chatting with dog owner clients and making appointments for one-to-one training sessions!  And blogging about it all and updating social media sites!  I even love doing my accounts every month!  The best thing of all is being able to spend more time with my lovely dogs - I now get to walk them and play and train them - all of us are much happier as a result!  I hope to get busier to ensure that there'll not be a return to commuting in the rush hour to a place where the work is dreary and for which I have little passion and where office politics and stress reign!  It is with that in mind that I'll continue working hard to endeavour that this woman will not return to working for da man!  :))

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